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Many years ago when my friend Matvei and I were sharing a desk and talking to the Russians every day, the topic of pancakes (naturally) arose. Matvei said that he and his new bride LOVE to eat pancakes (yet one more reason we were such BFFs) but they couldn’t find a recipe to satisfy their real pancake needs. How many others must suffer from this same malady is of great concern to me.

I will now share with you the pancake recipe I shared with Matvei all those years ago, but only on condition that you promise to respect the pancakes. Do not disrespect the pancakes. And if so, you, too, just like Matvei and his wife, will come back to me and proclaim, “Oh my gosh! Those are the BEST PANCAKES EVER!!!” I promise.

To prove to you just how scrumptious they are, Clark recently joined me in the kitchen, donned an apron and handled all the measuring for our batter. He was the perfect sous-chef and his work paid off. Because as soon as the batter was prepared under my direction, we traded places and I became the sous-chef to the alphabet-meister as he instructed me on which pancake letter to drizzle next for his breakfast. “Good job, Mimi!” is always music to my ears!

Besides being a flexible batter, the results were so tasty that Clark consumed his entire name, plus an additional 2.5 full-sized pancakes – more than any of the other three adults in the room ate, individually. True story.

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