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The good news is it’s always soup season. The better news is that you will always have ingredients on-hand to make some sort of soup. Tonight’s soup used a head of cauliflower that’s been waiting in the fridge since the weekend, and if cauliflowers could talk this one definitely kept talking to me out of the side of its mouth (because can you visualize a cauliflower with anything but a sideways mouth? Me, either.).

My friend Dawna, who originally shared the recipe with me, and I have been making this soup for almost 15 years and haven’t changed one thing from the original recipe. That should tell you something because I always change recipes, and I rarely make the same thing twice. That’s about as big an endorsement as you can get from this kitchen. This is also in my daughter’s top three favorite meals I make.

Oh, and if you do not own an immersion blender go and buy one immediately before you attempt to make this soup. Click here to order one now, and have it delivered straight to your door. Just like that. Easy button!


  1. I’m with you. If you’re going to make soup you MUST splurge on an immersion blender. It will be SO worth it!

    I’ve never made a cauliflower soup (and I make a lot of soup!). It’s never seemed super appetizing to me for some reason. However, with your endorsement, and the fact it’s in Lindsay’s top 3 – I’m ready to give it a try!

  2. Just made this tonight, and it was delicious! I chose to cook the cauliflower in only the vegetable broth and then added my milk after blending. I used 1/2 c cream and 1/2 c milk just because I happened to have cream left over from a different recipe. Mmm mmm, tasty! Even my skeptical kids were fans!

  3. Oh talented Arminda…I just made this soup for supper and ummm…it is delicious! Both of my girls (5 and 3) sampled a taste and they begged for more! It might turn into a 4:00 dinner instead of a 5:00 dinner…just to eat it all up!! YUM!

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