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Roasted Potato Salad w/Peas & Fresh Mint

When it comes to summertime suppers we want (okay, I want) quick, easy, little to no cooking required, yummy, and filling. Is that really too much to ask? Thank goodness for salads! There are so many different kinds of salads and I often pair two together for a nice complement of textures, flavors and colors. And anytime I can use fresh herbs out of my own garden the meal tastes so much better for it!

The recipe I’m featuring is one I veganized from the cookbook for the love of SALAD by Jeanelle Mitchell. Her original recipe includes Prosciutto and a few ingredients I didn’t have, so I modified it based on what was already in my pantry. When you are making your vinaigrette, know that Ms. Mitchell’s original recipe called for a champagne vinegar OR a good quality white wine vinegar. I didn’t have either of those (odd, I know) on my shelf, so I opted for the Ume Plum vinegar because I thought it would pair nicely with the mint and it did! So just know you’ve got options and don’t be afraid to try something different than the recipe.

I often make potatoes this way without the added vinaigrette, peas and mint, and it’s one of our favorite ways to experience potatoes, plus super simple and fast.

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