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Arminda’s Cornbread from her BFF Holly Hobbie

I realized that if I’m going to suggest you make hot cornbread to go with your soups, then I should at least provide you with the best recipe I know for making said cornbread. I referenced this recipe and the book from which it comes in a post over on my allarminda site, where I write random thoughts about happiness, my life observations, and the greatest pit bull on the planet. If you want to read about my Holly Hobbie’s Cookbook, click here.

I’ve been using this cornbread recipe since I was six years old. Yes, that is the first time I ever made pancakes and cornbread, and I’m still using those same two recipes from all those years ago. The pancake recipe remains unchanged by me, but the original cornbread recipe is now more of a guideline from days gone by.

This is not southern-style cornbread. It is not fried or cooked in cast iron. This is more like eating cake with your supper and enjoying every single bite. I hope you love this recipe as much as my family has enjoyed it for all these years.


  1. Made your cornbread last night. Wow! I could have eaten the whole pan! I did not have whole wheat flour so I used all purpose with a little rye flour.
    This bread is amazing!

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