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Lemonade: Liquid Refreshment

It has long been a tradition on my mother’s side of the family to gather annually to prepare lemonade while sharing embarrassing stories of one another through the years. They call this ritual a family reunion and the making of the lemonade is akin to a religious rite of passage. “Bring your lemons, young one, and you, too, shall be a maker of lemonade.” I have drunk from that sacred vat many times, but never contributed any lemons or sought the ancient family secrets to making great lemonade.

Actually, the last time I attended their reunion I realized the sought-after liquid refreshment wasn’t really that refreshing and decided I could probably do better given my own lemons and a bit of sugar. I was right.

When it’s hot outside, freshly-squeezed lemonade hits the proverbial “spot” when you need a drink. I searched all sorts of recipes online and decided to go with Paula Deen’s version of this summertime staple, but I infused the beverage with fresh mint from my own garden and that made all the difference.

So the next time you’re tempted to attend the family tell-all just for the lemonade, do yourself a favor and make your own while concocting just how you’d like to share those most embarrassing moments.


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