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It all started with Pinterest. I was browsing recent pins via my iPhone when a picture of bread caught my attention. This bread had a cinnamon streak running through its center, and looked like just the thing we needed to complement our suppertime soup. I clicked through to the Whisk and a Prayer website for a closer look. All basic ingredients on-hand? Check. Time to throw it together before supper? Check. Reasonable expectation it will be delicious? Check.

My three concerns with the recipe as I found it on A Whisk and a Prayer:

  1. Lots of sugar
  2. Milk
  3. Vegetable oil

To overcome those concerns, I reduced the amount of sugar (admittedly I could have done more, but I’ll save that to tackle next time), I substituted coconut milk for the dairy, and substituted coconut oil for the vegetable oil. This was a complete experiment; I had no idea how it would taste, but figured it would turn out great.

If you’ve not used coconut milk and/or coconut oil – don’t worry that your bread will taste coconuty. It won’t. It will be simply sweet and moist.

Wow. Did it ever. Next time I’d like to substitute applesauce for the egg so it’s a true vegan option. Let me know if you try it that way!



  1. Oh, my gosh. I can smell it baking. Gonna make this Monday to take to our Tuesday morning meeting (that way it won’t crumble when I cut it..?).

    And, I have the greatest Vietnamese cinnamon from the spice shop.

    Fast, easy, and yummy. I can’t wait!
    Thanks, A

  2. My stomach is rumbling just reading this!!! I’m going to try this as soon as it’s cool enough to turn on my oven. I have a strict “no oven in the summer” rule!

  3. It was FABULOUS. Huge hit at the office.

    I made it the night before because (1) I wouldn’t have to get up so early to make it for our 8am office meeting, :) and (2) because some had said it would be less crumbly if cut the next day.

    It was still fairly crumbly, more like eating cake, so everyone had it on a plate with a fork. Only got great responses.

    I’m going to make it again next week adding apples and nuts and putting it into muffin cups (and cooking the night before). I’ll let you know!

  4. Mine is cooling as I type this…perfect day for a perfect little tiny snack! And my house smells warm and toasty from the fire roasting and the bread that was baking! MMMMM!

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