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SOUP IS ON! That’s right, folks! It’s soup season at my house. The thermometer has dropped below 70°F at night, and that officially makes it okay to prepare and serve hot soups for supper. (If you’re wondering how I justify serving hot soups when it’s above 70°F – not to worry. Everything always works out to the yumminess it’s supposed to. Just bring a bowl and enjoy, not matter what the outside temperature.)

Jamie has been begging me for more soup recipes to serve with muffins, and I can’t blame her. What’s not to love about soup and muffins? Nothing. There is everything to crave about a bowl of piping hot just right served up alongside some fresh out of the oven just slightly sweet to go with it muffin heaven.

I was in a hurry the other night (okay, every night) and needed a quick something with ingredients I already had in the pantry. Specifically, I’ve been on a kale kick and had a fresh bunch that needed to be used before going to waste. A quick search on my favorite Whole Foods recipe index suggested this gem of a soup.

I didn’t have Italian-style tomatoes, but not to worry; I always have oregano, and presto-chango I suddenly had Italian-style tomatoes! I definitely recommend fresh carrots over canned, and I used three instead of the suggested two. The only time commitment (and I’m being facetious) is chopping the kale.

A word of warning: be careful. My kale chopping got a little carried away and I ended up with a few fewer bandaids in my first-aid kit.


  1. Wait, AllArminda doesn’t have a food processor? You’re still cutting the old-fashioned way?

    And, yes, it’s definitely soup time! Thanks for the tip – I know what we’re having for dinner tonight!

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