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It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that I happen to love, adore, and sometimes even worship at the altar of soup. It’s true. I am a happy girl with a bowl of hot soup and a plate of steaming muffins. How could life possibly be any better than that? And for all you doubters – just so you know – soup is always in season.

What may come as a surprise to you, however, is that I rarely make the same thing twice. My kitchen sees a lot of dishes that come and go, and they’re all so tasty! But just when I think, “Oh, we will definitely need to have this again!” there’s another new recipe on the horizon and I’ve already forgotten the yumminess of last night’s supper.

True story.

But with soups, I actually have favorites that I recycle all. the. time. They’re the ultimate comfort food, in my opinion. And they’re typically really simple to put together (assuming you have the proper ingredients on-hand). Repeat soups is also my way of providing stability in my daughter’s ever-changing, always eating something new & different, food life. Otherwise, bless her heart, she’d already be in therapy.

We like Chickpea Noodle Soup from Veganomicon because:

  1. Look at it! Delish. (I know, that’s not a really good reason, but it works for me.)
  2. It’s simple to put together.
  3. The flavor blend is unexpectedly impressive.
  4. It makes us feel better when we’re feeling puny.
  5. It makes us feel happy when we’re feeling great.
  6. It’s got noodles, which are great for slurping.
  7. I’m pretty sure complete strangers would pay good money for a bowl of this stuff.
  8. I like taking the wrapper off the soba noodle bundles. (It doesn’t take much, folks.)

Take my word for it. This one’s a repeater. Oh, and you’re welcome to click on any of these pictures for a slideshow of my process!


  1. This is one of my absolute favorite soup dishes. It’s a comfort meal that you wouldn’t have a problem eating every day. I’ve had it for the past two days and wish I had more. :-)

  2. I can’t find the recipe and it looks so good. What am I doing wrong? Oh, and where can Jim find the soba noodles? Thanks, Arminda!

    1. Nancy – you’re not doing anything wrong. I didn’t post this particular recipe because it’s copyrighted. If a recipe author has published their recipe online, I’ll post it. Otherwise, I own the cookbook.

      In this case, the recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks: Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

      And soba noodles can be found in the Asian food section of the grocery store.

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