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For many years I was a faithful subscriber to Family Fun Magazine and found so many helpful tips on parenting, crafts, age-appropriate activities, organizing my life as a mother, and the occasional recipe. Ending my commitment to this magazine was easier on me than it was on my daughter, who started reading it cover-to-cover at the tender age of five or six, so when I rather UN-ceremoniously announced we would no longer be receiving the monthly publication, she burst into tears and asked me what she was supposed to read now. I wonder if Family Fun has an article on that?

While I no longer subscribe to this magazine there are at least two recipes from it I am still preparing all these years later, and today’s waffle recipe is one of them. The original recipe (which I hand-copied from the magazine in October 2001) is for pumpkin waffles, and it’s delicious as written. Please feel free to prepare it that way. However, this morning I wanted to use a baked sweet potato in my fridge, and decided waffles were the answer.

As usual, my alterations have no dairy, but you are welcome to use whatever works best for you and your family. These waffles will be a hit, no matter what, and if it’s a sneakily yummy way to get sweet potatoes into your teenager’s system, then I highly recommend following my lead, because your daughter will likely be asking for seconds just like mine.

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