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‘Tis the season for pumpkin everything, am I right? Right? Right.

And around here when it’s pumpkin everything we go straight for breakfast. Every single year. It’s the first thing that happens in my pumpkin all the things kitchen and then it happens repeatedly until around March when we’re looking for something a bit less pumpkin.

Pancakes are a staple. Everyone (except for my dad) loves them. We love them for supper. Or for Sunday breakfast. Because let’s be honest – who’s got time for big breakfast any other day of the week? Or is it just me? Again. (sigh)

Unless, of course, we’re in the mood for waffles, in which case we make pumpkin waffles instead. I can’t be the only one who occasionally loves breakfast for supper?

Two weeks ago I made up a pumpkin pancake recipe, continued tweaking as I was cooking them, never got the combination correct, although they tasted great, they looked a mess, and I shamefully fed them to my family and promptly didn’t post any pictures. (You know it’s got to be bad when I won’t even post a picture.)

Thankfully, I came across Leanne Campbell’s Pumpkin Pancake recipe via an Unrefined Vegan. 

I gave them a go and they turned out perfectly! So perfectly, in fact, I had the pickiest visiting teenager gobbling them down and asking when we would be having breakfast for supper again so she can plan her next visit.

So next time you think you haven’t got a lot of time to put supper on the table, consider pumpkin pancakes and enjoy some time reveling in pumpkin everything.

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