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Summer Seitan Saute w/Cilantro & Lime

I am definitely of the opinion that cooking should be easy – nothing too extravagant or time-consuming or confusing. As much as I admire the life and gumption of Julia Childs, any recipe whose instructions are spread out over a matter of days is not going to get a second glance from me! Let’s keep it simple and fresh and get it on the table before we all pass out from starvation and it’s been a good meal in my book.

Once again, for THAT kind of recipe, I turn to the Post Punk Kitchen and Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I’m not going to lie, but Isa’s photographer took a much prettier picture of this dish, so if you want to see a more professional and lovely version of this dish, I highly recommend you hop over and check out food photographer Vanessa Rees’ work on this one.

I can, however, attest to the fact that my dish tasted simply scrumptious, and I’d recommend it to everyone. My three-year-old heartthrob lunched with me this afternoon and declared it “so yummy,” and if that’s not a valid endorsement, then I don’t know what is.


  1. I will try this without the corn or cilantro. Picky me.

    My requirement for a recipe is that it has to be easier than grabbing a handful of almonds, or I’ll never start cooking.

    I can already smell this one. Yum…….

    1. If you can – the fresh corn makes all the difference. I wouldn’t have liked it with just any old canned or frozen corn. Cutting it fresh off the cob made it work. And the cilantro – no worries. I know how you are about that pesky green herb.

  2. I heart cilantro. This looks delicious, Arminda. I shared this website with my foodie friend Greg who writes a food blog.

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