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IMG_0213Scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I happened across this lovely Butter Lemon Garlic Pasta dish from About a Mom, and I was intrigued. Her lovely close-up shot of those spaghetti noodles drenched in butter and cheese called out to me:

Hey. Why don’t you make pasta more often?!

Look, it’s not that I don’t like pasta; I just don’t find many ways to get all the nutritional value I need from a meal so loaded in carbs that in my former dietary existence cheese was required as the vehicle to get it down. Since veganizing the entire recipe would be the only way I’d ever sample this recipe, I did just that, and as such, removed “Butter” from the title since, well, I don’t use butter :-)

I make pasta so rarely, but I think you’ll find the resulting dish tasty and light. I preferred it freshly hot, as opposed to reheated the next day. And since pasta never seems to be very filling to me, I sauteed some fresh spinach in lots of garlic and thought it was the perfect combo of carbs and greens.

Regarding the Parmesan cheese: I used what I refer to as a Nutritional Yeast Blend. It’s simple to prepare, and I always keep a jar in my fridge to use when the mood strikes. I grind equal parts unhulled sesame seeds and nutritional yeast to create a cheese-like mixture that is a complete protein.

I also love preparing meals that require little to no prep work and go together quickly. This dish definitely falls into that category. And if you’re not worried about the dairy, the original recipe will suit you fine with butter and Parmesan cheese. Just let me know your favorite way to eat pasta and we’ll call it good!

Bon appetit!


  1. OH!!!! I love lemon pasta! I make it along side ‘Fish in a sack’!!! Totally the most fresh summery meal I can think of! I love the photographs —- I almost can smell it cooking!

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