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WARNING: Bacon lovers should sit down to read this, but I can honestly say I do not remember the last time I ate bacon. Take a deep breath. I’m okay. You’re okay. Everything is going to be just fine. The truth is, I’ve never needed to prepare meat substitutions with any of my meals. It’s rare that I have such an “imposter” in any of my dishes, which is probably evident if you’ve perused some of my other posts.

However, when a recipe crosses my view and everything about it appeals to me, as is apparent to no one but me as my mouth begins to water just reading the combination of ingredients (yes, it’s true), then I know I am destined to cross paths with those directions in my kitchen in the very near future. Such was the case with Brooke’s recent posting over at Cheeky Kitchen for BLATs! Having never tried fake bacon I was a little bit leery, but it did not disappoint.

But I don’t want to give so much focus to the fake bacon; the king of this sandwich is the lemon-basil spread. You could put anything between those two slices of the carbohydrates of your choosing, as long as they’re smothered with this ahh-mazing spread, and it’d be heaven on earth.

Don’t think this is just another BLT and skip the hard part (which isn’t actually hard). In fact, there isn’t even any lettuce – Brooke substituted sprouts for the leafy green stuff and I LOVED it!

So trust me on this one – make the spread.

A few disclaimers:
1.    This sandwich would be excellent without the fake bacon
2.    Fake bacon tastes nothing like real bacon
3.    I am not a bacon hater


  1. I am a HUGE lover of fake bacon and I have a BLT for lunch about 5 days a week.
    The fake bacon I use is Morning Star bacon strips. It looks like bacon, tastes like bacon, even crisps like bacon. I get no financial endorsement for promoting them but, if I did, I’d be a very wealthy woman.

    Can’t wait to add this spread to my sammich!

    Thanks, Arminda.

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