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Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t miss meat or crave what I used to eat back when. What I do love is a great salad, especially one that requires absolutely zero cooking and relatively no prep from counter to tabletop. And, after preparing this dish and pretty much inhaling it for its yumminess, I came to the conclusion it tastes absolutely nothing like tuna salad, but it sure is tasty and I’ll make it again.

The good news is this is a flexible base recipe. Barb over at That Was Vegan has put together another super easy and tasty one-stop meal. I chose to leave out the bell pepper, but I did add a seeded and chopped tomato. I also think some chopped celery would taste delicious in it, as well, providing a bit of crunch.

Serving options are many, as well. I went ultra simple and served mine on crackers, but you could wrap these up in tortillas with some lettuce, or scoop out a tomato and stuff it full of this salad for a beautiful presentation. Equally tasty would be serving it on a bed of lettuce with an artisan bread on the side. Let me know what you like about it and how you interpret the recipe.



  1. This recipe is hearty and delicious! I left out the relish and used regular mayo but kept everything else the same. I put the garbanzo beans in my food processor and pulsed them very briefly to get a medium chop. I then stirred in the remaining ingredients. I served mine stuffed inside a pita pocket with a handful of field greens. Definitely yummo!!

  2. I will admit, I was nervous trying this. I did the first bite with my eyes closed, but taste buds open. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. I think the list of ingredients that you can add to this recipe is almost endless! I added diced apples and peppers and celery! We all ate it up and then I licked the bowl clean. Great find to add to our menu of favorites!

    1. You were cautious with good reason; this is so “out there” in terms of what we’re conditioned to eating. I am excited that you not only loved it, but that you “licked the bowl clean!” Way to go!

  3. Sadly, us Canadians don’t get the Old Bay Seasoning up here. I am visiting the US next week and will be stocking up! I can’t wait to try this!!

      1. I got it and made it for lunch today!! I didn’t have peppers but added salsa. It was so delish! I served it on a pita with some avocado on the side, Thanks for such a great recipe!

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