Because delicious & healthy aren't mutually exclusive.

Batman and Commissioner Gordon use the Bat Signal. My daughter and I prefer iMessage. The method matters little as long as the message, itself, gets through.

While I was growing up my mother always prepared what we called “hot lemonade” whenever I felt puny, particularly with the very symptoms my own daughter described to me earlier tonight. And every time she would bring me a steaming mug of hot lemonade, I knew my mom loved me. (Oh, and also that time she prepared and brought hot cream of wheat – with just the right amount of brown sugar melting in the middle – to me at school for my lunch because nothing else tasted okay sliding down my post-tonsillectomy throat. For an entire month. True story. True love.)

I’ll have to check in with my all things natural guru, Jill Clarey, to learn the real health benefits to such a tonic, but the combo of fresh lemon juice and honey is usually medicine enough for what ails at our house, and besides, it warms us from the inside out.

Measurements are, of course, approximate. Use them as a guideline for your own taste preferences. I like more lemon juice, typically, but the recipe I’ve given is moderate. Feel free to adjust the lemon juice and honey up or down.


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