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A good sous chef is worth his weight in gold. Lucky for me, I’ve got the cutest sous chef living three doors down, and can have his assistance pretty much whenever I like. Clark and I decided to make these most scrumptious (and fast) Cinnamon Apple Rolls during our play date, and once he washed and suited up, the measurements went quickly into the bowl.

Although, I should note that even in the midst of our cinnamon apple roll preparation, Clark suggested we also make pancakes and cookies, because he was “sooo hungry.” Hmmmm. Perhaps coming to Mimi’s house is synonymous with yummy? Excellent. Just the way I like it.

During this particular baking session, Clark learned the difference between a tsp and a Tbs in written form, quickly recognizing with his highly-attuned alphabet-seeking eyes the variation in letters.

I do recommend you include all the ingredients in these rolls, because leaving out something like the baking powder will lead to a lackluster performance on the part of the dough that cannot be blamed on your sous chef’s little hands touching the dough way more than you would if you were sous chef-less. Just saying. Remember your baking powder and these rolls will be gone before you have time to say, “Clark is the cutest sous chef EVER!”


    1. hahaha!! Perhaps I should add “Take-to-the-office-in-the-morning” as one of my tagged categories! Do let me know how they turn out; I’m sure you’ll love them!

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