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Asian-Style Brown Rice Salad

I’ve never burned a pot of rice. Ever. Until today, that is. I was planning ahead, looking forward to having most of my prep work finished a few hours before the dinner hour rolled around. With this in mind, I put on the rice to boil, and that’s where the story gets a little sidetracked. Well, actually, it was me that got sidetracked. My stove takes FOREVER to heat a pot of water, and since I have not much (read: none) patience I decided to run upstairs and finish an email and then come back downstairs to check on the rice. Right.

I don’t even know how much later it was that the burning smells wafted upstairs to my immediately offended nostrils and jerked me back to the realization that I’d left a pot on the stove. Running and leaping down an entire flight of stairs in what I am sure was record time, I discovered what was left of the rice and quickly removed it from the stove.

All extra time now gone, and the lovely smell of burnt disaster permeating my entire house, I resigned myself to a night that would be spent preparing dinner just like every other night of the week: at dinnertime. I have also made a mental note that in the future my impatience is not allowed to supersede a hot stove.  Take that!

I think you’ll like the salad, anyway, but I do recommend starting with rice of the not burned variety!

I followed this recipe exactly as it is written by Jeanelle Mitchell in her book for the love of SALAD, which you can purchase through Amazon or through Anthropologie. I used edamame and flat-leaf parsley, and added a can of rinsed black beans to make the salad heartier and it served as a main dish.

My verdict? It’s a good salad, but I’m not crazy about it. However, if I were to make it again, I would double the dressing and probably increase the ginger and sesame oil because there wasn’t as much flavor as I hoped. It’s simple to put together and I like the blend of flavors; I just want more flavor. What about you?

Oh, and does anyone have any good tips for cleaning my burned stainless steel pot? Cause that’s gonna take a miracle to look like new again.



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