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FabioYes, you read that correctly. Zucchini.

I’m pretty sure zucchini qualifies as the eighth wonder of the world because this vegetable is at the top of the garden food chain when it comes to versatility and compatibility. Make it into noodles, grate it into sauces, bake it into breads, chop and saute it with onions (my personal favorite) and now – slice it and make a cobbler out of it.

All credit for the inspiration behind this family night hit goes to Anna-Kim out in Santa Cruz, California! Thank you, Anna-Kim, for your creativity and for your willingness to share. I hope you don’t mind I made some additional tweaks :)

IMG_0022I was really excited to try this concept in my own oven after hearing about it. My mother suggested I substitute sliced cucumbers for the zucchini, but I wanted to go with Anna-Kim’s core cobbler before deviating from it too much. Using my food processor for both the filling as well as the topping cut my prep time way down! Besides, I really wanted thin slices of zucchini so eaters might still question whether it’s an apple they’re biting into. Thanks Mom & Dad for the ginormous zucchini they donated, and for all the cucumbers I’m still enjoying.

I got the entire cobbler prepared and placed in the oven, set the timer and went upstairs to visit with Lindsay – mostly to taunt her with descriptive visual replays of the cobbler that was yet to be eaten, when I realized I’d forgotten to add the sugar to the filling! Racing back to the kitchen I yanked the already baking dessert out of the piping hot oven and dumped all the contents into a large mixing bowl. I stirred in the brown sugar and (because I had no choice) completely mixed the batter topping evenly throughout the filling. This was a much better alternative to an unsweetened cobbler that only looks good but isn’t up to scratch on tastes. Because looks aren’t everything. They matter, but they’re not everything.

Impress friends, family and complete strangers with your newly-imagined zucchini cobbler and let me know how you like it!

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