Because delicious & healthy aren't mutually exclusive.

Since investing in my Vitamix, two obvious consequences have come about:

1. I’m drinking (happily) one to two meals in my daily routine.
2. I’m posting less because I’m drinking more.

Wow. I never thought I’d hear myself say I’m drinking.

Anyway, I LOVE consuming my fruits and veggies through a straw. My top three reasons why:

1. It’s fast food, but in the healthiest way imaginable.
2. Fruits and veggies are actually being consumed rather than forgotten and left to wither and rot, wasting the precious money spent to purchase them.
3. I have more energy and satisfaction after completing my smoothie meal than any other meal I’ve cooked, causing me to really wonder if those raw foodies are onto something.

So in my continued quest to consume more fruit and vegetables, I’m raising my glass of greens to your health and happiness today!




  1. I much prefer to drink my meals (uh, non-alcoholic).

    I always drink all my daily nutrients in my morning smoothie. Hadn’t really considered a green drink for lunch! I love that. Thanks for the tip.
    To your health!

    1. Same here, Karen! My morning smoothie has everything I need nutrient-wise for the day. Now with the addition of a green smoothie I’m living large :-)

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