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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Navy Beans & Kale

I went to the market the other day and really don’t know what I was thinking because I kept putting more fresh produce into my cart, knowing full well I already had a fridge full of stuff from the farmers’ market the previous weekend. Honestly, I can’t get enough of the plentiful greens. My body just screams, “FEED ME MORE GREENS!” constantly I can hardly hear over the din. And of all the greens to be eaten, I am rather partial to kale. It’s so versatile, dress it up or down, formal or jeans, you can get your kale on. I’m going to suggest this meal is a more wear your jeans kind of affair, but whatever.

It’s so scrumptious and tasty and filling and I can’t wait for a helping of leftovers. What?! Folks, I NEVER eat leftovers. This is big. Once I was done taking photos of the potatoes, for serving purposes, forget the pretty. Peel the skins, and toss the greens & beans mixture right in with the potato and that’s where the flavor will greet you!

Thanks to the great recipes over at thekitchn, I came across this meal in a potato. How could my life possibly be any better than that? Stuffed sweet potatoes? With greens and beans? I’m living on the edge.

I didn’t alter the original recipe too much, except I used dried rosemary and never removed it. I also didn’t have a shallot so used half of a white onion, chopped, in its place.

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